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Erectile Dysfunction
( Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection )

Premature Ejaculation
( Ejaculating too quickly )

Delayed Ejaculation
( Difficulty achieving orgasm )

Sexual anxiety
Or performance anxiety

Male Infertility

Female Sexual Problems

Assumptions & Way of Thinking about Sex

Until 1998, when Viagra was discovered Western sexologists believed that sex was all mind game. Noted psychologist Freud said, ‘All you need for sex is just a naughty thought’. Like in ayurveda medicine, herbs are used in many different systems in different ways. However the ultimate objective of their use is that they should interact directly with our body chemistry. They may be used in various forms like food, medicine, cosmetics or perfumes. But in all cases their active herbal constituents must be observed into the body for deriving the required benefits.

Once they are absorbed into the bloodstream. They circulate to influence our whole system. According to Dr. PK Jain, We basically strengthen the body’s own healing mechanism instead of suppressing or disturbing it, as modern medicine tend to do. This is where our herbal treatment stands apart from other system of medicines because of its enlargement, way of approach & the well developed treatment methods.

Role of Ayurveda in Sexual Life

Today the whole world recognized ayurveda as a unique system of medicine. The ayurveda herbalism, which developed over a periods of millennia by physicians who devoted their entire life in search of useful herbs, wandering all over the thickets & mountains of the sub-continent, had imbibed the practices adopted by the locals and tribals from various regions. This system is also based on close observations over several generations of the pharmacological aspect. With the help of modern research tools, pharmacological studies on herbs, physicians like Dr. PK Jain revived the old formulations, made them potent and new drugs are researched.

Ayurveda system now forms an integral part of national health care delivery system & is recognized by world health organization as on the alternative system of medicine. Sex is considered taboo in our orthodox society, which prudishly discourages questions about this intimate and integral part of our lives. Hence, one′s natural curiosity remains largely unsatisfied and the existing myths, misconceptions & ignorance continue to be perpetuated & passed on from generation to generation, like an inherited social disease.